Climate neutrality & Sustainability (election 2023)

+++ Zero emissions 2030 +++
In its sustainability mission statement, RWTH has declared its commitment to the 1.5° target and climate neutrality by 2030. After switching to green electricity, RWTH must now take actions to fulfill the goals that were set by the administration and the student body.🌍

Our goal is to create a climate just RWTH. Some actions, which contribute to this, are:
– Heating and cooling based on renewable energy⚡
– Digitalization of the heat supply💻
– Equipping RWTH buildings with photovoltaic systems☀️

+++ Modern teaching +++
Sustainability must find its way into all fields of study, and the recently adopted guiding principles for teaching must be implemented consistently. It is important to us that the guidelines focus on modern teaching and learning as well as sustainability and interdisciplinarity, because this is part of a modern education.🌱