Mobility (election 2023)

+++ Semsterticket +++
The 49-euro ticket makes public transport cheaper for everyone. Everyone? No! Students pay exactly the same for their semester tickets as before: 34 euros for mobility throughout NRW, while the Deutschlandticket costs only 49 euros. That’s not fair and also not legally permissible according to previous assessments! 🚄🚍

We therefore continue to demand for the semester ticket a:
– Significant price reduction 
– Germany-wide validity 
– Retention of the solidarity model 

We advocate for this in the AStA as well as through our contacts at the state and national government level 🏛️

+++ More cycling paths +++
Despite some progress in recent years, the bicycle infrastructure in Aachen has great potential for improvement. 🚲 We continue to advocate for safe and attractive cycling in the city – in the spirit of the Radentscheid – as well as good conditions for pedestrian traffic and, of course, good public transport. 🚍

The quality of stay at Campus Mitte benefits significantly from the car-free Templergraben. Furthermore, cultural events can take place more easily. We advocate for a permanent preservation of the closure!🌱