Open Letter: First Semester Rally 📝

In an open letter to the Rectorate regarding the cancellation of the First Semester Rally 2022 at short notice, we express our disappointment as part of the student body that the First Semester Rally cannot take place this year.

The cancellation of the rally has been the basis for many conversations and communications over the past few weeks. The open letter is intended to create a basis for finding a way together with the student body and the university to be able to offer future first semester students a good start to their time at RWTH Aachen University.

Behind the Freshman Week is the work of countless volunteers, both among the students and on the part of the university administration. The rally has been a showcase for the close and successful cooperation between the student body and the university, which was essential for this undertaking.

The letter was signed by the AStA, student councils and many lists of the student parliament. We invite all university members to co-sign the letter.

You can find the letter and more information at: