Mensa & BAföG (election 2023)

+++ Mensa +++
In recent years, the proportion of vegetarian and vegan meal served in the mensa has tripled. To meet this change, the offer must finally be expanded.🌱

We advocate that the federal state government (NRW-Landesregierung) increases the subsidies to the Studierendenwerke – because since 1994, the subsidies have actually decreased, when adjusted for inflation, while the number of students has risen significantly. This would ensure that food remains affordable for all students.💰

We are furthermore advocating for a reintroduction of dinner in the mensa.

+++ BAföG +++
There needs to be a fundamental reform of BAföG✊ this includes for us:
– Calculation independent of parents income
– Regionally adjusted flat rates for housing costs
– Higher standard rates that are sufficient to live on
– Decoupling of the maximum funding period from the standard period of study
– Digital application

We are campaigning for this through our contacts at federal level ein🏛️