to the Green University Group Aachen e.V.

We are students from a wide range of disciplines and advocate for you together.

Election to the student parliament 2023🗳️

Thank you very much for your votes and your trust!💚 We are very happy about our renewed success in this year’s university elections. With 26.7% of the votes, we are once again the strongest list and thus the largest group in the coming legislature. 🌻💪

Who we are

We are a mixed group and study many of the different programmes that RWTH has to offer. Together we campaign for more sustainability, equality and other issues. We are members of Campusgrün and are networked there with other green university groups nationwide.

University politics

We are active in university politics at RWTH Aachen University and represent you in the student parliament with our parliamentary group.


In addition to university politics, we also garden in our own patch between SuperC and the university library or organise other joint events.


Are you interested in green politics at our university and would like to get involved?
We look forward to meeting you at our next meeting.
Just send us a short message via our contact form!